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A moment of joy and happiness... 114' x 7', Belgrade, Serbia

CZaccaria_Chashama_2d_Subway_Sample of Work_Greece.jpg

Eye Watch Over Crete

12' x 10'

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

As I have entered the light I have been drawn to public art projects. Art is for everyone - not just the ones who can afford to buy it or are comfortable entering a gallery's walled garden.

CZaccaria_Chashama_2d_Subway_Sample of Work_Greece_edited.jpg

The Birth of Everything

When I was younger my darkness prevented me from seeing how misaligned my goals and my dreams had become. My soul never died - but my connection to it had...

The creatures were born as a way for me to hide - to tell you the creature's story without being vulnerable.

8,9,1 Using Numerology to Move On
Working through my traumas as an LGBT person, the shame I felt in my youth and the substances I used to try and cover it up led me to see that I can have and do deserve my dreams.

Then Covid happened...

Covid kicked off and I dove inside my mind. I started to see Shaman and meditate more frequently, daily movement became my medicine.

At the same time, I started to see some light at the end of the tunnel. As the trauma faded I felt the anticipation and optimism that the world would open back up - and I would blossom with it - and go out in search of my truth.

Then I went to Serbia...

The world was opening up, and my connection to my soul was reopening as well

I followed my soul to Belgrade where I had my first solo exhibition and saw the world through the eyes of an artist - as my true self. There I realized that my goals and my dreams had never been aligned. My goals were always about stuff and status - but my dream was to live as an artist. Having this realization was a double-edged sword - as acknowledging this meant that it was now up to me to do something about it...

When I got back to NYC, I started to paint those emotions that I had been feeling because I was so misaligned.


Finally I Faced My Shadow

I started to do shadow work to understand my blockages and why I was so afraid of my dreams - to live the life that I imagined. I realized it stemmed from a deep-rooted belief that I was not deserving of what I want. As LGBT people, we are taught to believe - in my experience - that something is wrong with us, that we are somehow less than. My subconscious held onto this defectiveness - and then expanded it to believe that I could not do what I want because I was not capable.

Working through that has brought me into the light. My new direction is to share love and light with the universe - and bring moments of joy and happiness through my latest work - visible at the top of this page. I hope you enjoyed and connected with some part of my journey.

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